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Homerhomer 10-21-2008 03:38 AM

To Luko: Hi
Hi Luko, great to hear from you, although reading your comments reminds me more of Lennon/Ono on high as oppose to good boys from Liverpool.

To tell you the trough I have never seen apple vinyls, things were different back then in Poland I guess, I have seen vinyls though, and this was actually my high tech equipment I used
to play whatever records we could come across, just getting any sound from that without scratching the vinyl was an accomplishment by itself ;-)

Looks like this place is pretty much dead these days, a total of 15 or so threads in the photography forum, ouch, that's a true indication this is a simple travel site and not much of a photography, too bad, I hope things at photoholik are going well, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to do any worthwhile projects.

AlPeter Farkozikowskiteherani

ps, I quite liked your flower (unless ofcourse you have a shot of roses with few water drops up your sleeve), and your defence of the castle shot was a joy to read, afterall not being able to do anything we feel like in this field just because others expect us to stay within our comfort zone would kinda suck.

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