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Joans323 03-18-2019 09:21 PM

To romanaa: no Note
Oh No I cannot understand why the note did not come thru

Here are my notes that I created- but struggle to attach..


I understand there has been recent discussions of the Great Oak of Cropredy Admirers Association and thus felt it only correct to post an image of this magnificent tree that stands on the East bank of the Oxford Canal.

Sadly the age of the tree is unknown and we will never know who planted it.. despite numerous searches on Wikki we have not been able to find anything about it.- The locals admire it, Narrow Boaters chugging past are often heard to comment on it. but it appears that there is not a living should in Cropredy that knows its history

It however became famous back at the beginning of this Century, when a TE member from Brittany arrived and made that famous statement " What a magnificent tree" and immediately posted an image of the tree.. since then there have been numerous TE members who have come to Cropredy to purely photograph this magnificent tree, to meet the locals and have numerous discussion on the banks of the canal ... These discussions would often go deep into the night, with TE members deep in thought and discussion as they drained the dregs of the bottle and let the camp fires die to glowing embers.

It has been a while since the Admirers Association had any new members - so as Britain embarks on a ridiculous crusade of once again leaving Europe- I would like to welcome all the wonderful people from around the world and especially Europe to come and admire this magnificent tree, take a snap, join in on the hilarity and join this magnificent society.

There is really only one rule of the Association- Never, never never take life too seriously !

romanaa 03-18-2019 09:36 PM

Try to edit your picture
Click Account/my photos/ manage photos - update - copy and paste the note there....dos it work?

romanaa 03-18-2019 09:37 PM

It is alright now
I can see the note now. Love it.

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