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Are you reading what I am writing David? It really doesn't seem so.

First of all, and I mentioned it already, yes I have had my photos used wrongly in the past. In a couple of the cases, an email had them taken down and in another I was paid for their use. In the end, I am ahead because of it, so I am not all that upset. You have made very sure that you will never again benefit from the use of your images. That is fine too, even though I think it is a foolish thing to do. I am not condoning theft, this for the third time. Something else I don't condone is living in fear and removing possible good things in life because of that fear. That is very simply what you are doing. As I said before, and as you carefully avoided responding too, you are not hurt by the theft that occured. You really aren't. You might be inconvenienced, but not really hurt. Now, if I were to take money or physical goods from you, that would be a real hurt. It is amazing to me that you can't see the difference.

Theft might be theft legally, but in how it affects us different thefts are very different. If you think that you are as hurt from image theft as from financial theft, then I most certainly don't want you as my accountant. Theft of money or hard goods means that there will be things I can't do, ways I can't provide for my family and our future. Theft of an image has no effect on that at all, unless I count on photography for my complete livelihood. Again, if you didn't find out about the CDs, your life would have gone on exactly the same as though the theft didn't occur. Now, how can you say that you are harmed in the same way as if you lost money? You certainly know that you can't say it.

As for your last sentence; well you say that it doesn't deserve an answer. Very honestly, I believe that it is not that it doesn't deserve and answer, but that you don't have an answer for it. In what way has removing your images benefitted you? It might have made you feel better and it might have given you the opportunity to bellow in righteous rage about how you have been wrong, but I really don't see the benefit. I do see losses because of your actions though. Again, you have guaranteed that you won't ever again make money or contacts on TE because of your photos. You have given the cyber world less reason to care that you exist. You have removed yourself from what can be a social and enjoyable community. Those are all losses, both financial and social.

Your actions (removing your photos) have hurt you far, far worse IMO than the theft of your images ever has (or will unless you are working at the higher end of photography). In fact, as I mentioned before, you actually gained from the theft. All I see is you cutting your nose off to spite your face. How on Earth could I see a positive in that?

As I mentioned already, I hate that the west is living more and more in a culture of fear. Fear of terrorism is allowing governments to take away rights from us left and right. Because governments have been so adept in instillng this fear, people accept these losses. Removing your photos because of the fear of theft, especially when no real harm is done to you, is as bad as, or worse than, allowing our privacy to be invaded because of a fear of terrorism that has largely been built up by governments of the west in order to broaden their power. Actually, removing the photos is in some ways worse, as you are doing it to yourself, rather than the government doing it to you.

Again, I don't condone theft. I know you will try to once again say try to spin it as though I do. I just choose to live with less fear and be happier and better off for it.
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