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Default To mikebottomley: Cooling off.............

Thank you, Mike, for your kind remarks about this one.

I suppose, when you're sweating at 40C, the thought of a frolic in the snow could be quite appealing!

I tried to look in my archives for a picture to fit those lines which I think are wonderfully suited to this time of year. This, unfortunately, was about the only one I could find. It would have been nicer to have a picture with a gate a bit more prominent in the frame, but I thought this was fairly appropriate. Perhaps some darkness beyond the gate might have been better too.

Yes, some Blackface Sheep might well have looked good in this picture. Some Scots might be offended by your saying "English" blackface sheep as the breed is probably most common in Scotland. But, apparently, there is evidence that this breed has existed all over Britain for at least 500 years. Blackface are amazingly resilient and well suited to existence in cold and bleak conditions. They taste good too!

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