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Dear Ned.
Greatly written article. No complains about the points, the un-justice on TE - just simple wondering about 'What's going on' ?.
Well…We all know the story…We've written the screenplay, we are the miserable actors playing our roles according to that screenplay.
What can I say…We love to be loved. We love to be loved more than we deserve to be loved (I am talking about our pictures here).
So, we go around and we commit idiocies…Small, not very harmful idiocies.
We give the points for stinkers…It happens !
We don't reward the points for good ones, because she/he didn't give the points to us - It happens!
We pretend that we didn't notice certain people…it happens!
We don't like certain people (usually, because they are better photographers than we are)…It happens.
We go and we give the points to the people we SHOULD give the points…it happens.
We go and we give the rewards, because there are already 150 points, so maybe the photo IS really good ((NOT !!! IT ISN'T !!!)) - it happens.
We go and we praise the photo because 'What the heck …Why not (???) - it happens.
We go and give (or not) the praise because we are naïve, inexperienced, silly, educated, simply stupid, smart alecks, lacking talent for anything (so, I'll buy a camera and I'll press that good looking button on it)….
How many people, how many reasons….? And only one of those reasons is the solid one…It can't be deny…
We love to be loved…
Oh, Almighty…How we love to be loved…
That's it…
Now I go and I have another beer !
Oooops…Ehrrr…I mean…A glass of Domaine de la Chanteleuserie Bourgueil…
Salut, my dear friends…
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