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Hey Ned,

I've also been around for almost four years. As long as I have been doing photography. So, to me TE is pretty integral to my development as a photographer. I by and large share your negative assessment of the development of the critique culture. It is indeed bad that such a small percentage of the crits amount to constructive criticism. In fact, I find that I can no longer rely on the number of views/crits as an indicator as to how interesting the pic is. It seems that the number of view which a post gets depends mainly on how many big smileys i've been dishing out lately (and since I write longish crits, it is normally only a few). So, I share your verdict that the critique culture is in decline. Perhaps it just goes with a bigger community.

I wonder whether it is possible to make a 'fraction' within TE who are into serious criticism. For example one could make a 'critics club' of members who commit to write crits of no less that 50 words?

Just a thought looking forwards rather than backwards.

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