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Default Re: Some smiles....

Its not so much about it being nice as the issue of how they were taken. They are nice in that they look nice. But so what? They are dishonest and cowardly IMO. I think a lot of importance has to be attached to the means we take photos. Its not like the ends (a nice image) justifies the means. You know? Im sure Filip will know what Im talking about, I think he critiqued a photos from Thailand where the photographer had waited 10 minutes after being told by her subject that she didnt want her photo taken. The photographer waited 10 minutes (yes, ten, not a typo) for her "opprtunity" and then clicked anyway JUST TO CLICK. The photo is nice, but the way it was taken is not. Can you imagine being basically stalked for 10 minuted and something done to you that you didnt want? In the end the photo has a girl covering her face, obvious why. The photographer laments that she "couldnt do what she wanted". So you see, nice images are not reason enough to go to any length to take them.
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