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Default Re: How did you choose your user name?

Bonjour Rosie.

At the beginning of "my internet time" I only used the mail function of my computer in purpose of getting closer to my friends & family in France. I liked to write letters and it became long mails... But I had to choose a mailadres and I did not want to use my own name. So I chose for "" because it reminded me of my time at school in the fifties [!!!], when I had to learn writing with a porte-plume which can be translated as feather-holder.

Well... We did not actually use a feather (goose-quill?) in 1956 - ;o) - but a wooden holder with an iron pen and also a little porcelain bottle of dark blue ink which fitted in a hole in our wooden desk. [See image here]
When you have learned writing with such a porte-plume you are able to produce thin line up and thick line down, a bit like gothic or calligraphy writing.
This all story can also explain why we used to get "beautiful" pink inking-pads and also why we had to wear a grey or blue blouse d'écolier / scholar overdress: free translation.
We also used ardoise et craie [little chalk-board] for practising our handwriting before writing on paper.[ See Doisneau ]'s photograph.]

And that's why I kept my Porteplume nickname for different sites on internet... :o)

Thanks for this original forum item Rosalie, and also for the memories going with my story! ;o))) .

Amicalement – Viviane
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