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Default Re: To Luko: pentacon

Hi Andreas,

thanks for your tips, looking at what you did made me reconsider my Pentacon, that was taking the dust on a bookshelf. I won't buy any other camera but simply looking at an original way to use it since I cannot load any film in, because the winder is acting randomly : sometimes winding film, sometimes not, other times it will only wind half of it...the situation is getting worse everytime I hold it as a nut or a bolt falls even though nothing seems to miss outside. That's a mistery to me.

I believe that east german engineers had a plethora of useless small metallic parts, so they decided to fill the Pentacon with dented wheels, screws or other tired iron items, simply in the purpose not to throw them away.

If you have any other creative ideas of using Pentacon parts with no film, I'd welcome them...anyway I'll try "digital Pentacon" next week end and see how it comes out even with the circle lines.

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