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A freelance editor that I am sort of associated with is working on a photo book right now (by two Chicago photographers) on the late mayor Harold Washington, the late and popular black mayor of Chicago. It has local interest so when he approached a publisher, the publisher told him that it will not sell much because of the limited audience BUT it will work if he finds corporate sponsorships to underwrite its publication.

So what he is doing now is making a kick-ass book presentation - a 4 page brochure of description why this book is terrific accompanied by a selection of photographs that is designed to attract sponsors. A PR person volunteered to work on the copy. They will be pitching the book to corporations for underwriting.

So for a Trek Earth book - here are two suggestions that come to mind:

Contact the International Center for Photography in New York and talk to someone there how to go about this. They may be open for this great idea.

If there are members in TrekEarth who are professional photographers and have agents, ask suggestions from the agents on how to go about this. They know more and will have concrete suggestions.

Drum up interest in the project by organizing a physical exhibit at some place that does this. This is feasible as there are many institutions that seem to be interested in this type of exhibition.


Now, there are problems that I forsee:

High resolution pics are needed. I am not sure if all are keeping their original high resolution pics.

Chasing after rights permission may be relatively difficult but not impossible since many of us are active and can easily be reached but it could be a problem.

Since there is nobody in charge (except Adam), this might be problematic - for example, who will a publisher, editor, or PR person or anyone, contact and deal with? For example, my editor friend is actually interested in writing a pitch for a physical exhibition to some galleries here in Chicago (Art Institute, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Modern Art Museum of Milwaukee etc.) but he can't presume to represent TrekEarth photographers etc.
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