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Default choosing which pix

Friends, may i say something about the choice of pix, either by own or from others. Personally, i think it has a lot more to do with professional publishing and editing than just choosing the ones we like, either ours or someone's. It is a very professional task, which does not mean we have to hire professionals absolutely, but we must be professional about it. WE have to look at te shots in a very detached manner, for what they communicate, and especially that the whole album will be a good representation of the membership, not just the photos, which anyway, we are not always qualified to know which one is best for publishing, even our own. Anyone who had to propose a text, a shot, something to be edited, knows there was still a lot of work asked, after first submission, and sometimes a good text we though we pinned down nicely, has to be completely re-written. So, I see the first submissions, and I accept they are nice shots, but maybe not the best to be published from the photographer, and again in regards of the whole project.
I am not sure if it has been touched upon, but let's have a team that works on the selection of images, and spend time discussing the shots, as well as visiting the gallery of the submitting member. Any editor would like to see a portfolio, not just the 2 pix that his author likes. We have a wealth of pix it would be a shame to ignore based on choices that may not fit best.
I'd like to be part of that team, if you want.
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