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Default Re: Some smiles....

That guy's shots are just damn creepy! I'm sorry but there ain't nothing artful about any of those shots... check out this number -- what is the purpose of a shot like this other than to give up-skirt peepers and voyeurs a frisson? If it weren't already obvious, all you have to do is read the comments on his photos -- it's like a club of like-minded peepers. The act of photographing these women is essentially harmless but totally lacking in class or integrity of any kind. I wasn't going to weigh in hree but it occurred to me that perhaps some male photogs may not even know that this kind of thing is NOT appreciated by the majority of subjects and can in fact be frightening to some. So, it would be a tactful thing -- if he really "likes" the girls as much as he seems to -- to consider their feelings and stop taking cowardly peeper-type pics.

This has been a public service announcement from a member of the fair sex.
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