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Default Re: my portfolio for the VII contest

Hi Maciej,

Sadly, I only had time for the briefest review of the portfolios but, in reality, the judges may spend a similar amont of time on their first run through.

Both portfolios contain 10 stronger and 10 weaker images. For impact, I'd propose the first 10 from Abroad and the first 10 from Home (but substituting 'girls on phones' for 'and you listen' and 'mate the police is coming' for 'in the student union'). The problem is whether the two sets make one consistent portfolio. Perhaps the approaches are too different to allow a successful combination.

If you decide to stick with one rather than mix and match, I'd go for Home. Most of the images in Abroad are technically superior but Home takes a more original viewpoint.

I have to say I'd be delighted to be the photographer of either set. Good luck whatever your final choice.

Best wishes

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