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Default Re: Are we afraid to be honest?

cdgrindahl wrote:
"TrekEarth is many things to many people. To assume that everyone here wants the same experience from being here is foolish. Some wish to improve their photographic skills and are pleased to receive thorough critiques of their work. Others enjoy the friendships that develop among members and use critiques to shoot the breeze with each other. Friends applaud each other's work. And folks are more inclined to pay attention to other folk's work when those folks pay attention to their work. That is human nature. I've said often in the past, if you wish to have other people pay attention to your work, start writing critiques."

Indeed foolish of me, I thought that members here since they all like taking photograph (are there any members who don't like taking photos?) would like to take them better and better. Wrong assumption I guess. I have also incorectly assumed that this, at least in large part is a photography forum.

cdringhal wrote:
"If you take great pleasure in showing how much smarter you are than everyone else about things photographic, you will quickly discover that your presence is an annoyance, and not likely welcomed. Far better to be gentle with advice, ever mindful that in the world of art, virtually every opinion is just that, one person's opinion. If you know the "rules" and feel that justifies your opinion, you are playing a fool's game."

Don't exactly know what was the point of writing that.

cgrindhal wrote:
"If you want serious commentary, spend time with those folks on the board who will give it to you. Cultivate relationships with those folks. Comment on their contributions. Solicit their opinions and advice."

Perhaps a good sugestion, however subgroups and cliques are probably not what this community is suppose to be about.

cdgrindhal wrote:
"If you want good critiques, write thoughtful critiques. That seems pretty simple to me... ;-)"

I have a feeling that you wrote your comments without reading anything I said in this thread (or at least any effort to understand it), I have written many times that the point I am raising is not about quality but about saying what we thing about the photo good or bad (expressing own opinion not opininions that others have already expressed or something else).
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