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Default Re: Are we afraid to be honest?

Peter, you are right, I understand you, you remind me myself more than month ago. I agree with you that this excellent site is far from perfect, that too many contributions have a different purpose than generally declared goals of the site, many are hardly tolerable with their frequency. IMO you pointed out the main problem, I also feel it this way and recently raised my voice maybe even more radically.
Curtis, you are also right when calling for higher tolerance and showing some different possible attitudes. But you also repeated Peterís thoughts in another words and presented them as your own, opposing to Peterís, and opposed to some which he didnít pronounce, and didnít resist your permanent temptation to teach others on the values and joys of communication and even on the basics of the social behavior - you really use to do it and it might be rightly perceived as irritating and offending. Needless to say about your judgements on who and why is not welcomed here. Peterís reactions are understandable.
Gal, Ebbe and Rinnie, your position is also understandable. I also agree that Curtis is one of the best critiquers here, but this doesnít justify what I indicated above. So please, try to look at the exchange of views also from the other side, before you stand up in one formation to defend honor of your club member.
Peter, sorry, now I am out of time, so about my understanding of your ideas (really not very new ones) and my way to solve those issues - next time. Save your fun!
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