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Default Re: Yeah, yeah...

Galeota wrote:
"Had you ever tried to take a look at his critiques, and you would have noticed that he is one of the TE members who writes the most thoughtful and interesting critiques on other’s photographs. Had you ever taken a look at his critiques and you would have also noticed how much he is one of those persons always ready to give a sensitive and pertinent feedback to help other members improve their work. Had you EVER used the “search” function in this forum, and perhaps you would not have started this thread without measuring it properly to what has been discussed over here in the last months."

The answer is no to all those questions except that I have browsed through last few pages of this forum and came across threads about points, critiques quality and why some old timers are leaving or have already left. I don't doubt that the point I am trying to address has been discussed, I just haven't come across it.

Galoeta wrote:
"Tell me Peter, why are you posting your photographs in TE? Have you ever tried to post them somewhere else, in one of those “better sites of photo sharing”? Did you happen to have there thoughtful critiques on your work? Was your work improved by the comments you were receiving? If that was the case, how did you end in TE,"

I simply came across this site while looking for photos from certain country, and thought that this isn't a bad place to be. I use pbase for photo sharing, direct linking, sharing photos with certain groups etc, I don't expect much a critique there, although there are some galleries on pbase with fantastic dialogue going on. I frequently visit another photo forum with critiques, everything I know about photography is because the members there have critiqued my photos, told me what they like about certain aspects of it, suggested other options and approaches to make it better. I have learnt plenty from that, nothing from "wow great photo, excellent exposure" critique. Had everyone been telling me how great the exposure is on my over exposed photos, I would still be happy with those over exposed photos. Since the other forum covers subject not as wide as this one, I feel that both of the forums complement each other pretty well.

Galeota wrote:
"In your “Intro” page, you write that you are A MEMBER of a community, and that you hope to EXCHANGE opinions, suggestions and observations."

Nothing has changed since.

Galeota wrote:
"Actually, I do find that you brought us a rather interesting subject, although there’s already an extensive literature on it in this forum. It’s just the way you bring it to light that disturbs me. In another words, some humbleness wouldn’t do you any harm."

I will keep it in mind, this and my arrogance, my incapability of understanding, my existentialist crisis and anything else you wish to attribute to me.

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