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Thank you Mariusz. You have made the points that we as other members and moderators have been trying to get across for a long time. We are not saying, and never have said, that there is no place for images which do not fit the fairly tight parameters on TE. The very reason TrekLens and TrekNature were created was precisely so that there are other locations where some very fine images can be posted without breaking the rules.
Speaking purely as a member (forget the mod bit) I can see very few reasons for posting images on TE which don't fit the TOS.

1. Particularly for new members, the TOS are not obvious and take considerable effort to find and read. Even when you access the link there are still a number of screens to view. That doesn't encourage reading of those links. As an analogy, how many of us read the instruction manual for a camera completely before we use it, particularly if it's on a CD which takes extra effort? Not many I suggest.
2. Sometimes a member will post an image which they genuinely believe does fit the TOS, but the mods disagree.
3. Occasionally a member will simply forget about the TOS because they have an image they like and want to share.
4. Regrettably there are also a comparatively small number of members who seem to believe the rules apply only to other people and they should be allowed to post what they want, where they want.

Some people have argued that they don't post on TrekLens because there is very little activity there. Maybe there is so little activity there because they are posting the images on TE instead despite the fact that they know of TL!

Let me again stress that these have been my views ever since TL & TN were created. Views held long before I was asked to become a mod on the site.