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Originally Posted by emka View Post
I was also wandering why people do not move to TL or TN but rather quit the site and move somewhere else. I see some reasons of it, and in no way it is lazyness. The people who leave TE are usually very active in many places.
But the other thing is the social aspect of TE. ..... I have friends HERE, I met many of them personally - up to now more than 60 persons from 13 countries. .......
Senior members like me do not like to be treated as kids. I see a lot of times that ToS rules are violated and it happens nothing. It makes anger - once something is permitted, other time not. I know many people who left because of that.
I understand what you are saying about the social aspect, but if there was more activity on TL then the social aspect would grow. It's a chicken and egg situation - which comes first!
Yes images are missed by the moderators, that's why there is the option 'Report Problem' under every image when you open it. If you believe the rules are being violated please tell us. We can then make a decision on its suitability and you will be helping to provide the consistency of treatment which we all want to see.