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I feel well on TE and find TL not interesting because people upload there what they call "art", and some (also senior) members try to do that here as well, hence our discussion. They want to share their photos and/or feelings never mind the TE profile. I like TE exactly for its distinct profile, it does not disturb the social life at all.

I take plenty of photos which I like and which I don't post here because I think they do not suite this forum. That's it.

I think moderators could pick even more unsuitable photos but because there are so many uploads I realize they just remove most obvious cases.
I would tend to be even more selective, for example if a photo has not a single sharp object the quality is "too artistic" to learn anything from it, etc.
But because I don't have time to contribute to this process by myself I don't criticize their work. Somebody has to make this dirty job.