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Default back from the seminar

ok, I just got back from the seminar, two days of living photgraphy. that was a very good lesson, I listened to presentations from all the members of the agency, listened to some very interesting discussions with editors of various important magazines. I guess a lot of the material will be available on the agencys website soon - there were some people recording the whole event, so you might see it later.

and somehow I won the <a href="">MYSPACE portfolio contest<a/>, hooray! and I found out about it the night before the portfolio review day, by pure chance, after coming back from the slideshow party. I almost missed it by not checking my emails! so it was well after midnight and at 9:30am the reviews were going to start... and I didn't prepare any prints, luckily I had my laptop with me with resized photos I put to my internet galleries. I got up early and after brekfast stared putting the portfolio together. I selected the 20 photos from the portfolio contest and extended it by additional 10 images. these were samples of 4 stories. then I made another selection of 12 pictures - these were single images, just to show some nice images. and then just in case I prepared a quick draft of the latest story that I was working on in India.
the porfolio review was in Frontline club. there were around 20 people who paid for the review and two winners of the contest, I din't see the other winner. Sarah told me that my portfolio was best, nice! I was scheduled at 11am, I had some time to polish the stuff. I was assigned to Joachim Ladefoged - I was really happy about that, he is the youngest photographer in the agency (or maybe Laureen is..) and I really thought he is the right person to see my work, that he could understand me, all I wanted is to get some directions about the future. and his presentation was one of the best ones - his work is very strong and varies a lot, he shots all kind of different things, amazing stuff, and his early work on Albanians<a/> brought him to the agency, a really jaw dropping stuff. <a href="">check more of his work clicking on his name in the menu on the left.
so at 11am I went upstairs, introduced myself, he congratulated me winning the contest, I told him that I had a very little time to put the portfolio together so the structure might be a bit loose sometimes. then I started showing him my photos and talking about them.
we talked for about 30 minutes, the response was very positive, I was really surprised. after seeing the stories and singles he asked me if I have more images to show, so I showed him the latest work from India. he liked it as well. at the end he said I should work as a photographer. BANG! I said I was trying without success, he asked what about newspapers? I said I send my portfolio and cv to at least 20... he didn't understand why. i don't understand either ;)
He said I have a very good composition skills, he was very surprised that I don't crop images - so you are a traditionalist, like me 15yrs ago he said. in fact I didn't hear much criticism, he told me what images he liskes or not and why not, gave me some suggestions about structuring stories. and about the future, he told me to work on stories in Cardiff, make them well, finishe my studies and then to show my work to agencies and magazines and get a job as a photographer, very easy! then at the end he said sth like: "I will see you around there". would be nice.
I was really scared before going to the review, after seeing images of the guys from VII I tought my photos were crap and all other people have better photos. but at the end it turned really well, you should have seen the smile on my face for the rest of the day.
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