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The D3 is a professional body with a professional level sensor. the 5D is a consumer body with a professional sensor. Not a reasonable comparison at all. A more reasonable comparison would be the 1Dmk3 (assuming proper AF). From the shots I have seen on the net and the user reports I have read, the D3 is a very serious camera and one which probably does have Canon doing some serious rethinking, especially when you consider the issues the 1Dmk3 has had. One sports pro who used a D3, but usually shoots a Canon 1Dmk2 says that the D3 is about as clean at ISO3200 as his 1Dmk2 (no slouch of a camera in its own right) is at ISO800. From all that I have read, Nikon has really nailed this one, which I think is great for everyone. Interesting too that there are still rumours of a 3DX to go head to head against the 1DS3. The new 5D, which will be an excellent camera, will fight against the D300, not the D3.
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