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Default Re: Photography & reality II

1.) How do you perceive reality and how does it impact the way you look at the world through your viewfinder?

From before the early Greek philosophers to the present day, reality has been defined in many
ways. Some are convinced that reality refers to tangible things existing in a material world, consisting of objects that have shape, weight and measurable dimensions. Those who disagree with this concept claim that no proof can be provided to establish beyond doubt that external objects exist. They claim that reality is based upon the perceptions given to us by our five senses, therefore untrustworthy to determine an uniform external universe. Is there an “ou there” in the material sense? Or is everything just a product of our mind, where we’re locked in our sensa which comprises “reality” ? There are also those, as Pythagoras and Plato for instance, who believe in the reality of forms (or abstracts, ie mathematics or concepts such as love, beauty, etc..), as an opposition to the material world which has no existence out of human’s mind. This leads me gently to my second question:
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