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Default Is it just an illusion?

Dear Michelle, Thomas and Luko,

I would like to thank you for the comments you left in this thread. Iím hoping that the door is now opened to some other members who would have liked to write something, but have been somehow restraining themselves with the fear of saying something wrong on this ďheavyĒ and metaphysical subject. Let me say that there are no bad answers. I donít intend to put myself in the teacherís shoes, ready to punish those who would have not learnt the lesson properly. These are questions to which I donít even have myself an answer. Debating means interacting fragments of knowledge and trying to recompose again and again, in multiple shapes, the puzzle of our understanding. This is therefore a call to all the members who have an opinion to express. Go ahead, tell us what you think even though youíre not sure about your own rational logic or even simply your intuition . Weíre all in the same boat, so to speak.

Of course these topics are not closed in themselves and they can easily lead us to several other questions about images, representations, truth, semantics, semiotics, hermeneutics and a never ending amount of other disciplines covering our relation (as rational human beings) to what is and what isnít in the representations of Time and Space. Does a photograph depict a fragment of life? Would life be a succession of fragments, a suite of photographs in an animated 3D film?
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