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Default Re: Is it just an illusion? II

Interesting, today I thought a bit about your questions here. That reminded me on a philosopher who made a technic from it. He guided his audience by asking questions. I don't recall his name but he was and still is famous for this technique. Now you come up with some more questions :o). I wonder where this leads us or where you leads us?
One question you proposed here is "Does it (the photo) speak the truth?". I guess you can fill a book answering this question and at the end there are probably more open questions than answers. What is the truth? Is there only one truth, or are there an unlimited number of truths? What is it good for to ask this question? and so on...
Perhaps the truth is not only one statement or a specific moment in time but a collection of facts and moments in a period of time. Let's say we have a situation where two different compositions have been made of the same place. One is showing only a group of ten people demonstrating against something, the message accompanying this photo is "public interest isn't that great". The other composition showing the same place with thousands of people (perhaps not all of them participating the demonstration), the message accompanying this photo is "public displays great concernes about this subject". What truth does this situation show us. Perhaps the truth here is "Manipulation of people through a photo!"?

As you said, Gal. So many questions and so little time.
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