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Default Re: good and never heard of

yes i've heard of david lachapelle.. but he's far from best for me.. he's a little too extravagant and doesn't have that classy/subtle touch..
it can get a little 'cheap' to be more precise..

i infact rate max vadukul way above him.. he has a kind of a flair.. avedon had that..

you're right about richards.. about him getting into the story and all that..

but i was actually being specific here.. about the asylum and all that..
saying this because i once talked a gentleman who's been working with the disabled for a long long time... and he was talking about photography where he mentioned that photographing the mentally disabled is tough.. most people just show 'madness' or 'loneliness' from a distance.. i don't know if you get what i mean...

i hope it's ok if i give some links to exemplify what i was trying to say.. sometimes it's hard to put all this down in words..


these 2 photographs can make my heart sink.. ian's photographs are just another bunch of photographs from an asylum.
most photographers bring out the madness of the inmates..
richards brings out the humanity which makes his photographs extremely powerful..

what is special about his photographs is that they're full of contrasts and contradictions which makes his work very very powerful in my opinion.. something that i've been harping about for quite some time.. but nobody seems to try it out themselves :)

sorry gal/peter for talking about richards in this forum. i'll shut up now :)
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