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Default Re: TE book - Thread for selecting the themes to be included

Add -Others
for people with some ideas for other proposals not fitting in the one proposed yet
and could be also very 'Learning ab....'

Every theme should be called starting with:

"Theme photobook 2005 - Landscapes"
"Theme photobook 2005 - Others"

A short intro can explain and guide what to add with limitation of 3 per member with an example to start and the possibility to ask for removal to be replaced by another.
one man start it up taking care of updating and sorting along comment/tips/requests
5 volunteers can take care for 1 of the Themes ?
volunteers ?

why not starting one example Theme that could be examplary for intro etc.
or if you prefer someone else to make an example, do request here ?
the honnor is to you Cesar to pick out already one Theme to start as example
then we all could volunteer here for a Theme to monitor ...
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