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Default Re: wild west

focus on what matters: the photographs.
Youíre right- the photos are what matter. donít have any. Why should we believe anything you say? Thereís no proof that you have any idea about what youíre talking about. Instead, you just kind of insulted some people. But letís put that behind us for a moment- youíre what Iíd call a new member (not time, but activity). We all make mistakes when weíre new members. Why donít you post some work, show us your skills, do some critiquing and maybe give some advice (Not dissing other members, but advice). Thatís kind of what TE is about- itís not just a forum. So Alex, welcome to TE- I hope youíll be able to be a valuable member. You obviously sound like a very opinionated person- use it for the good; prove yourself worthy of your ďget off of my planetĒ slap-downs.
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