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Default What distinguishes a fine art photo?

I am thinking of seeking out a gallery to display some of my works and I have been struggling with what distinguishes a fine art print from a photographic print or poster?

I put a border around my <a href=">Le Landeron, 2007</a> photo thinking it gave it a more professional / polished look; not to mention the vanity quality of having my name prominately displayed :-).

But as I have been looking at some gallery sites I have beeen unable to find any bordered prints. Borders seem to be reserved for poster prints. I also saw that about half the "professional fine art prints" seem to be out of focus, blurred, over-saturated, low-contrast, and featurless skies. <a>for example, the upcoming Paris photo show</a>.

So I want to know what others think. What constituets a fine art print and how should it be presented? This is really part of why I joined TrekEarth.

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