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Default Re: What distinguishes a fine art photo?

Print i copy of each photo on archival paper. Don't worry at this stage about editioning (i.e., restricting the number of prints), as the potential buyers probably will neither know nor care that they're purchasing one of a limited number of prints - when you're famous you can worry about that. No borders - the matte will form the border. Fix in the matte with the proper type of tape (sold in artiists' supplies shops), then put all your photos (i.e., one copy of each photo that you intend to have in your exhibition) in a box, not in a binder (so that the gallery can take them out and stand them against walls etc). Phone the gallery and make an appointment, and ask them how they want your work presented - they may have ideas other than those I've outlined here. Size of the prints should be about A4 size unless you have good reasons for another. This information comes from research I did for an article on this question for an Australian photogrpahy magazine, so maybe it might be worthwhile doing your own research for Swiss outlests. Good luck.
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