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Default Re: What distinguishes a fine art photo?

Thanks Sohrab,

This is a great response (and so are the rest).

Since I am working in digital, part of the problem is what size do I print at. I have the added problem that the images I am working on are mostly linear panoramas. I have posted my first here at TrekEarth but it is only a segment of the larger print which currently measures 30,000 x 5600 pixels wth no enlargement (approximately 2.5 meters x .5 meters). For those who don't get an immediate sense of scale, picture this: 29 screens wide by 7 screens high!

This also creates the problem that I must either have a frame made of adjust the borders / mat to accomadate the unusual proportions. Some "gallery frames" come with a very large bottom border; sometimes taking up half of the total height. I am leaning toward this type of framing but perhaps I have put the cart before the horse. Or, as has been said, I need to see if I can find a gallery in this area that will do a photographic exposition and what they would like to see.

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