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Default Re: What distinguishes a fine art photo? Conclusions to date

In reading the replies to my post and in following up on some web research I have come to the following conclusions:
1. a "Fine Art" photo is mostly a marketing ploy used by galleries and photographers to market their images.
2. This touches on the old debate as to whether any photography is art.
3. If you put a digitally produced border around an image and add a signiture you turned it into a poster.
4. If it's sufficiently blurry and you have the nerve to display it, it must be art.
5. If you take a picture of an art museum or gallery, that is art.
6. More seriously, most serious "art photography" exhibitions that I have tracked down on the web tastefully note that the images are printed on archival paper such as Fujifilm crystal x or Kodak endura.
7. The "art" prints are printed using a LightJet 3 laser color process providing continous-tone printing.
8. Archival quality glass.
9. Nearly universally, angled black metal frame with single white mat.

So it would seem that the primary disticntion beyond marketing is the materials used to print and frame the image.

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