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Originally Posted by pablominto View Post
That said, photo sites designed similar to TrekEarth are dying all over the internet these days, people seems to prefer faster access (by phone) and they are not emphasising photo quality just news value. Bigger companies than yours misjudged the impact of smart phones, Nokia to mention one.
This is correct.

This thread, like so many before it, keeps gravitating towards blaming the strict TOS and the implementation by the Moderators. Criticisms of the static nature of the site design may be fair enough, and I would myself criticise the implementation of large files - they slow down noticeably the loading of images which are still constrained to 800 pixels on the screen; that must put people off for a start.

But most of the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth seems to be taking place in a vacuum. It's as if Facebook, Twitter, easily set up photo blogs and personal websites, plus smartphone cameras, had never come into existence.

Malgo, compare your numbers with this:
Some years ago disgruntled members of TE left to set up a very similar site where there would be no point-scoring -
Over the years, the site has managed to accumulate 575 members, many of whom have never uploaded a photo. On the 9/07/2015, 6 photos were uploaded, and on the 10/07/2015 only 4 were uploaded. A quick glance at the first few pages of the gallery shows there are only around 10 active members.

Many photo sites have closed down, even Fotopedia. And this is happening despite the world being awash with photographic images. Even if TE scrapped its purpose and its TOS, and allowed selfies and shots of restaurant meals, it would not be able to compete with the existing 'social media' sites (including Flickr), and our site would be full of rubbish.

The only things I can think of to resuscitate TE are
1. Re-design the dated site; even its appearance is dated and lack-lustre
2. Scrap large images to increase loading speed. Many very large images are poor quality anyway, and the permitted resolution is wasted on them.
3. Increase the daily upload limit to 3 photos
4. Carefully re-draft and simplify the TOS without sacrificing quality, integrity and originality
5. Combine TE, TL and TN into one site and change the name

It might work; who knows? But I'm not full of optimism.