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"Il est également évident que les questions posées en français demandent plus de temps sur un site dirigé par des personnes anglophones."Answer of porteplume à papagolf21, le 18-1-2018 Translation : "It's also evident that questions asked in French demand more answering delay on a site managed by Anglophone people".
Well, I always ask my questions in English, but nothing is ever done. + the fact that an automatic translation on Internet is not so hard to obtain !
It's really worrying that noone seems to care !
I wonder why. Does the site not make enough money ?
I also notice the forums are not used very much. No surprise as there is hardly any practical answer.
People just make do with a rickety site, because of the otherwise unique qualities. Why are these qualities not appreciated, or taken into account by the tech team or the management ?
On his 10th TE anniversary, Mariusz wrote a very appropriate note.
I note this sentence in particular "I sincerely hope that this website survives. There is no place like it in the whole www."

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