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Default Re: tips for street photography..

I don't know what to think about it... I have never seen someone taking pics in the street this way. he is talking about being invisible, at the same time running at people with the camera at his eye. the girls with this yellow sth were running away from him!
and I wonder if he takes pics the same way when he is not being filmed. I could be like him if the BBC told me: we want to make a film about you taking pictures in the street. I think I would be a different person! there would be a guy with a camera behind me and I'd be talking to everybody and running around like Joel ;)
anyway, I don't know if sth like would be possible here in Cardiff, don't think so. here you need to be sneaky and quick to take pics in the street
I guess I am not enough self-confident. I wish I was, things would be so easy..
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