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Default Re: tips for street photography..

Hi Evren, thank you for the link.

One thing I found very surprising is that people in NY doesn't pay much attention to Joel who obviously holding a camera and taking photos in the street. And I wonder if he could do the same in Japan? well he said it works in any cities of the world but I still think it wouldn't work in Japan. Or maybe it would work just only because he looks different from Japanese and most people here welcome such people, and they don't welcome the locals taking photos of them.

Desapearing in the crowd isn't easy, I always pull attentions to me and my camera. Hmm there must be something wrong with my appearence...hehe

Anyways, as the weather is gettin warmer and I think I will start shooting in the street again soon, and the link gave me this desperate feelin that I want to go out for taking street shots. So thanks..!
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