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Default Re: To Wandering_Dan: Your comment on colour

Didn't mean 'sorry' in the sense of contrition, but rather in the sense that I was about to disagree:) You have a point about the amount of yellow. I went to PS and adjusted the image for colour and contrast, and lo and behold, the colour of the sand and the skintones became more natural, and the saturation levels in the colour of the turban were significantly reduced, yielding a less 'neon-like' efffect. There was still a tint of red in the fingers and toes, but it appears that that was more as a result of the angle of light. I think the photo as originally posted was simply suffering from over-saturation. I don't know how to post the adjusted photo, but if you can tell me I'd be pleased to do so in order to explain what I'm talking about.
P.S. I went to your profile and have to compliment you on the many outstanding photos you have shared!!
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