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I know other sites like this has done this, and I can not believe that we do not have the skills and the energy to work on such a project.

I would suggest to have a similar approach as the Exhibition of Trieste. Of course we have to define some things, but at the end I can identify a few tasks:

- Definition of how many pages it might contain (and how many pictures).
- Preselection of pictures.
- Voluntarily choice to join the project (this means also money and pictures contribution).
- To check in a country, maybe Spain how much would this cost.
- Selection of pictures.
- Request for notes that will accompany the picture.
- Revision of the notes.
- Preparation of the book itself.
- Definition of the volume to be produced.

etc etc

maybe I am a dreamer, but I repeat other site has done this before
are we less capable?

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