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Default Re: Nikon D70 vs Canon Rebel EOS 300D

This is a hard question to answer, Andre. Canon and Nikon is neck and neck as technology goes with Canon has the slight edge on the image sensor technology. If you already had some investment with either manufacturer then I would recommend you to stick with the same one. If you are brand new to the SLR area and you absolutely need mirror lockup; Nikon is your best bet else go for Canon.

Nikon has more lenses in absolute number but if you start throwing out all the versions that works with all the features with the D70 then the choice will be much less. So I would say Canon has the edge on lense. One other thing, Canon consumer lense is also a bit cheaper than the Nikon counterpart. Although, the DX lense lines specially mafe for the Digital SLR may change that somewhat.

If you are in landscape and used to have huge wide angle shot then both of them will change your perception. Due to the smaller sensor, they are great for telephoto (multipler of 1.5 or 1.6) but nasty for wide angle. However, Canon has the unique tilt lenses that are great for architectural.

I hope this does clarify things a bit for you,
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