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Default Re: I was not thinking of copyright ownership...

I've been reading your comments Dominique and clearly your contribution is important if this venture is ever to move beyond dream state to reality. It reminds me of the experience when I first received my license to practice as a marriage and family therapist. Folks in my position first designed a business card and then designed a flyer they sent to all their friends, expecting, no doubt, that their waiting rooms would fill with clients. It hardly works that way as most of us quickly learned... ;-)

I love the enthusiasm of the folks coming forward with ideas, especially Cesar whose positive attitude is certainly infectious. There is no doubt that the best part of this adventure is the possibility of sharing it with members of TE whom we've come to know and respect. Yet you bring a dose of reality that is very important. Picking photos is like designing a business card. It is fun and relatively painless, while being completely irrelevant to the ultimate success of the venture, at least if it is to be accomplished in our lifetime. I'm aware of course, that it took centuries to complete many of the cathedrals in Europe. Perhaps the first edition of the TE Introduction to the World Through a Photographic Lens will still be under consideration by participants of TE when Adam's granddaughter is running the site... ;-)

I agree there needs to be formal structure of this effort with firm commitments from participants and clearly identified responsibilities. In another life I did neighborhood organizing, working with community members to mobilize them to address local problems. It was always easier to generate enthusiasm when the venture began than to get people to show up for meetings when there was work to be done. Choosing photos is fun, we do it all the time with our critiques. Laying out pages of graphics and text, or for that matter writing a coherent narrative, is hard work that takes talent and time. I know we have many talented folks who participate on TE, but I doubt any of them have the time or inclination to devote themselves to a task as large as that proposed. It has taken many months to get a calendar published that requires twelve photographs above twelve monthly calendars.

I believe Jose's suggestion that we focus the book has merit, though I fear a narrow focus might diminish enthusiasm among members for the effort. Would a book about “Man and the Sea” or “Western Daily Life”, for example, engage members from around the world? I don't know. Even a more modest book would demand essentially the same skill set as a larger book, though it could perhaps be completed faster, thus requiring less time of participants. One member suggested that if a publishing company took on the book they would handle all the creative decisions as well as production. Perhaps a well-defined subject would generate more interest among publishers and therefore make the project more feasible.

So, it seems to me deciding what we want to produce and determining whether we have the resources of talent and time available to deliver the product is the first priority. If we don't have the resources, then the second question is whether we have a product that would interest a publisher who could then take charge of production. As your comments implies Dominique, answering these fundamental questions puts the horse before the cart where it belongs.
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