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Default Re: Points and competition...

"Have I said something potentially useful about this photograph?"

Bob, I believe when we make a praise critique pointing out what's good on the photo that's a useful critique! We don't learn only with mistakes but also when we know what we've done well. If a photo is good it should be praised.

More in the TOS it's clearly stated that when a praise is made the reasons should be pointed out. And I do that. Aswering your question yes I do useful critiques. Not the best in the world but still I believe their useful. Some are better that others. But usually I do make improvments sugestions. Some deeper than the others.

Many times too, I lack the knowledge to make deeper critiques in some members, wich some are between the best in TE concerning photographic skills. Should I shut up and not point what I feel it's good on their photos? I feel that by your standards good photographs would be ignored. Like, "that's a good photo so there's nothing to say"...

"I simply said the equivalent of "Good Picture" and/or repeated something that someone else has said?"

When several members say the same thing in a critique to a photo of mine I find that useful. It reinforces that the critique is fair I many times make me change my opinion when at first I don't agree with it. So I don't mind saying the same as others... More I don't read the others critiques before I write my own.

But if you ask me what is best, if it's my "20 not usually exceptional critiques per day", or the 2 or 3 good critiques posted time to time by others, in a universe of hundreds of photos posted per day I believe that that the latest are not more useful than the first...

To end I now believe the group system could be useful under some terms and options which I allready expressed to Adam. And I really wish it gets into production...
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