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Default The book as of 2008

TE friends
The project group is closed.
Some 50 members got as far as uploading their large size photos to my server (as I was a part of the team at the time).
I have after the closing of the group, kept the photos until now, made a layout including app. 50% of those pictures - but then stopped the work as maybe it's not so interesting anymore. Still the uploaded photos and the lay out so far sure looks interesting and of course I could do the rest of the work, present the final result and offer it to any one still interested (that is after having a reconfirmation of the disclaimer for the photographers and photsos included). Be aware that the 50 photographers only represents some of the original 300 projected, and that the included photos will be less than the up to 5 photos each photographer uploaded (normal 1-3 pr. page)

If this edition of the book is fullfilled there will be a hardback cover and app. 50 pages - 1 for each photographer. Prize app. 50 pr. copy.

With regard to e-mail adresses - there is already registered houndreds in my database from the time we asked for preorders of the book - so absolute no need to put in e-mail adresses in this open forum.

(Finally I must admit that the motivation to fullfill this project is not the best - and of course as times goes...)