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Default Re: India by Dariusz Klemens

Hi, Greg. I actually think his photos do have great feeling, which is expressed not directly from what he shoots, but, and so important for vibrant personal photography, how he shoots it, because of who he is.

His angles and space positionning are varied, his approach to color is both visceral and mature, and I seem to discern quite a lot of respect for his subject (let's say India!). It may not be emotion worn on the sleeve, but photography actually does not lend itself too well to outward sentimentalism projected from the photographer. His technique allows him to tell us in many ways, not only about India, but also about himself. I think for myself, that maybe what Maciej mentions in opportunities lost may have to do more with totally expressing oneself thru photography than just catching something missed and doing it well. that type of photography may induce feelings, and even catch prizes and publishing contracts, it's the first type that will leave its mark, and reveal what is behind the image.

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