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Default Re: India by Dariusz Klemens

”Astonishingly, not a single one of the replies to my comments addresses the points I was hoping to throw into the debate; we still don’t know what Claude – considers an “excellent picture”, or why he prefers one medium over another.”

Maybe that happened because you made an aggressive “kill entry” and murdered the entire mood for a civilized discussion!!!

Do you think that Claude could not substantiate more his opinion? Do you think he is that dumb?!

If you did not agree with him and felt that he did not give solid arguments why haven’t you asked for him to be more specific? Why the need to automatically bash down his work?

"people like me, who join discussion forums for the pleasure to ….well…discuss!"

In this issue you’ve got something to learn… politeness… And not to rush into conclusions over someone based on a simple opinion…

As I said, if you’ve got doubts over someone’s opinion try to get more information from him to build a good argument. That’s the way to DEBATE ideas. What you did was to discuss with people - in the negative sense of the word.

This thread is dead a buried to me - after all Claude’s not a member here anymore.
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