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Default Re: India by Dariusz Klemens

I hope the above clears up the cowardice matter. It may surprise you to know that there are people like me, who join discussion forums for the pleasure to ….well…discuss! I did not realise that on TE you had to show a portfolio in order to comment. Perhaps someone could clear this point for me?
with pleasure, ever heard of the phrase talk to talk, and walk to walk? Right now you are just talking, and if you were walking you would be looked upon differently, that applies everywhere not just TE. You alse made a mistake of crapping on Claude's work as a whole, quite pointless here, the thread is about Klemens' work, should stay on track, you want ot comment and critique Claude's work, go to his photographs or his portfolio and do it there. Why didn't you stop after one paragraph about Klemens? such negative and shallow remarks about someones portfolio aren't in the spirit of this site, and aren't helpfull one bit. You want to express your opinions go to individual photos and point out the good, bad and indifferent, post your own samples and explain why you think it could be done differently and how. Want to be a part of discussion forum, by all means, but joining for a single purpose of participating in one thread doesn't make you a community member at all.

And if you want you can see Claude's photos in the link, I am sure he is looking foreward to hearing from you again?
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