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Default wild west

Watch out: here comes the Clint Eastwood of discussion forums – he who knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk. Peter, I’m sure discovering there was no conspiracy behind my comments was disappointing, but really: get over yourself! I’d ask in what measure my remarks are any more “shallow” than yours but as it’s clear by the tone of yours and Jose’s riposte that you have no discernible critical stand-point, that would be futile.

Jose, I never suggested, or implied, that Claude was unable to substantiate his opinion; I merely remarked that he had not done so, on this occasion. Thank you both for enlightening me on the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of virtual etiquette. Noted that I don’t fulfill the minimum requirements for ‘belonging to the community’ you so efficiently police.

Perhaps this will put an end to the ‘the evil intruder’ sub-thread and permit those who are interested to focus on what matters: the photographs.
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