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Default Re: points and being unlucky

..but then Henk really is a good photographer! He could have twice as many as those he's unfortunate enough to have - it's important not to get hung up on the points but equally important not to get too hung up on not liking them either - there is a critical/cynical view of them but they also help encourage and build communication apart from their downside..........people don't just give each other large amounts of points in a blind reciprocal fashion (although some may be equally cynical in collecting them!).....many people come to appreciate what the other photographer is trying to do and how a new image relates to their development of ideas, observations or as a photographer......the work may fail all sorts of objective tests and the trends of communal subjectivity on this site but may still have enormous meaning in the relationship between two photographers or even a group.......but as was said - quality critiques are far more valuable....even a short one when it comes from particular photographers who excel at some aspect of the art - they may recognise a quality or a redeemable failing in the work and both help us grow as artists, photographers, craftspeople, observers, writers and technicians!

Above all have fun here Irene and don't be put off making friends by concerns over points!

best wishes Kev
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