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Originally Posted by emka View Post
It took me too much time to write, you found an answer faster. And I suppose that this one moderator that wanted to be incognito was fanni. Am I right?
Hi Malgo,

I may seem "incognito" but I do have eyes and ears and even sometimes read the forum discussions
Since you are talking about me, I decided to add a couple of phrases in this discussion.

Answering your question about "keeping incognito", now I really do not remember (several years have passed since the moment I joined the Mod team) whether I really wanted to remain "incognito" or did not really care about it (because, as you see, it is very easy to find the "forum leaders" list)
And if TE members aren't too lazy to find out "who is who" they surely can find it in no time

As far as the problem of "TE as it is in its current state" is concerned, I see different reasons why TE has become what it has become but it's not what I want to discuss because it's useless, taking into account the current state of things and the current owner's current attitude.

Concerning the eternally chewed "best members' exodus from TE because of the Mods' bad policy", I could say a lot but I will speak only for myself.

1. I am a TE member who posted photos.
But I stopped posting photos a year ago (and before taking that decision I had posted very few photos once in a while during a year).

2. I am one of those "terrible" Mods..

following certain members' strange logic,

the conclusion should be the following:
I myself, being a Mod, chase my own self away as a TE member, from TrekEarth because I, as a TE member, was in a conflict with myself as a Mod? LOL

how does it sound? intriguing?..

My advice: do not judge anything and anyone hastily.

I stopped posting photos on TE for a very simple and trivial reason:

TrekEarth - in its present form and state - became absolutely boring for me, I grew out of TE a long time ago.
Posting photos on TE became uninteresting and a waste of my precious time. I saw a deadlock. So I just quit.

I remained a Mod but this is quite a different 'job'.