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Originally Posted by emka View Post
As to the big format, I am glad to post photos with 1600 pixels but it doeasnt make any sense to post bigger ones as we do not see he composition of the whole on screen, we can't read the note and see the photo in the same time and the quality is very often quite bad. I am still using beta.
Malgo, you are correct. Your photos of 1600 pixels are dwarfed by those which are over 3000 pixels and 5mb in size. If you use the old beta site, at least after waiting for the photo to load you will see the full size image, or part of it. Not that it is worth waiting for in many cases. There is absolutely no point in uploading anything larger than 1200 x 800 pixels, which still looks sharp in a 350kb file. At least such a photo can be viewed 100% on a 24" screen, although not on a laptop. People who have smaller screens - laptop or tablet - should not have to wait while a large file loads which can only be viewed 100% on the new site, and only if the pixel dimensions I have given above are applied by the uploader.

But this is just one of the things which is probably turning people off TE. This is the age of mass distraction and gratification, and the gratification must be instant. As you say, uploading to FB takes no time at all. People don't care if the photos are rubbish, they just don't care.

If money and professional expertise is not put into TE, it will wither away.