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Glad to see contributions here that show the wider perspective and go beyond the usual 'let's blame the mods' scenario.

The difficulties of TE (and similar sites) are a sign of the times. Even though an occasional decision by this or that moderator might have been debatable, the role of the moderators has always been a positive one. Without safeguarding the TOS, the site would have been flooded with flowers, plates and selfies a long time ago already and would probably have been dead a long time ago already! I think they deserve some thanks!

But where do we go next? Certainly, the chance for TE to survive is by NOT trying to compete with social media, BUT by sticking to its original aim: providing a platform for people who like travelling and photography to show pictures to each other and maybe learn a thing or two along the way, either about the world or about photography, or about both. For me, that's all this site is about.

All pictures that fall within the TOS are welcome. Even though I agree that the overall quality has gone down over the years, there are still (just) enough active members here to make it worthwhile for me to keep participating.

I understand that people get bored of it and drop out, I've done that too, there's no problem in that, as long as upon returning you still find enough 'quality members' around. Sorry, if that sounds a bit elitist...

Finally, here are my ideas about Macondo's five proposals to resuscitate TE:

Originally Posted by macondo View Post
1. Re-design the dated site; even its appearance is dated and lack-lustre
2. Scrap large images to increase loading speed. Many very large images are poor quality anyway, and the permitted resolution is wasted on them.
3. Increase the daily upload limit to 3 photos
4. Carefully re-draft and simplify the TOS without sacrificing quality, integrity and originality
5. Combine TE, TL and TN into one site and change the name
1. Yes, but just don't make it too flashy.
2. Fully agree. The picture should fit on the screen, that's all. If a picture isn't any good at 800, it's not going to suddenly become a masterpiece at a higher resolution. And if it is a masterpiece, uploading it at ultrahigh resolutions would probably result in better quality thefts, that's all.
3. This wouldn't be necessary for me. Not sure whether this would attract more members. But it might be worth a try?
4. Yes. Less is more.
5. I've never used TN or TL, for me travelling is an essential part here, but it could be a good idea to attract some more creative photography.