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The site really has gone from one extreme to the other over the past few years. From a peak of over 700 images a day to the low of 40 is certainly not good news.
From a purely personal viewpoint (not as a Mod), 700 was far too many as images were disappearing from the home page in a matter of minutes and many were not receiving any comment or critique at all. I feel this was one cause of the downward spiral. If somebody new posts and image and gets no reaction they may post a couple more, but if the result for those is the same they will stop participating. There is a natural flow of people to and from the site, but if the established members move and aren't replaced by new members who continue the critiques, the slide downhill accelerates.
Add to that the growth of the social media site and this type of site is going to struggle even more.
If anybody has any suggestions for ways to address the problems I know the Mods will be interested to hear them. Please don't suggest changes which will cost money as those are unlikely to be progressed by the site owners.